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A Solid Investment for the School and the Community

A well maintained playground is not only a safer environment for children, its visual attractiveness reflects well on the community. Using your resource people at Greenbush as well as the following Internet sources will help you keep up to date.
Consumer Product Safety Commission
National Program for Playground Safety

Playground Mulch

Kiddie CarpetĀ® is an engineered hardwood playground mulch. It is created from fresh hardwood cutoffs which are processed to create the maximum amount cushion when properly applied.

Guidelines for public playgrounds recommend a minimum of eight inches of mulch (after compaction) for play equipment under four feet in height and twelve inches of mulch (after compaction) for play equipment over four feet in height.

Natural compaction will occur in 2-6 weeks depending on traffic and weather. Compaction must occur to meet ADA guidelines.

Kiddie CarpetĀ® has been tested and certified by an independent lab.
The two standards for which the mulch was tested are:

1) ASTM 1292.04-impact attenuation; that is the material must provide a cushioning effect from a fall of measured heights.

2) ASTM 1951-ADA wheelchair accessibility

Additionally, the material is inspected for general shape and to determine whether foreign or unwanted material such as soil or stones are present.